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Travel News: Half of travelers ill because of drinking Dirty Water

Travel News: Half of travelers ill because of drinking Dirty Water Other symptoms commonly associated with poor drinking water are nausea, vomiting, abdominal cramps, bloating and fever. High-risk destinations are the developing countries in Latin America, Africa, the Middle East and Asia. There are some serious …

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Campervan travelers says that they will not be able to move to The Melbourne City Council has committed itself to dissolve the village of temporary travelers ” by placing officers on patrol at night to issue fines of up to $ 250 for camping in a public place. Some foreign travelers mocked the flash, says that fines will not … Read more on

travelers warned to expect delays in the U.S.

travelers warned to expect delays in the U.S. Aéroports de Montréal warns travelers of possible delays in clearing customs due to the reduction of personnel from U.S. Customs and borders. Similarly, pass through the border crossing at Lacolle and Stanstead take longer, but … Read more on

New websites and mobile apps help travelers spend less in hotel rooms This screen image released by Smarter Travel Media shows an image from the application Tingo Mobile. Tingo is one of a growing number of services that are designed to save money for travelers staying in their hotel. The site, owned by TripAdvisor, says … Read more on

AskNative Offers travelers local knowledge explore the unknown is part the excitement of traveling, whether it’s a new city, province or country. While roaming unfamiliar streets, enjoying the atmosphere and listen to the music of a new language is fun. There are moments when he wanted … Read more at Daily News Egypt

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Britain back in favor with Aussie travelers It may be a legacy from the London Olympics last year or year-long celebration of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, but Britain is back on schedules Australian travelers , tour operators report a 30 percent increase in bookings in … Read more on

Nicholls taken from the infamous Connors family a decade ago to work The skeleton of a father two are forced to work as slaves detained family of travelers millionaire found in a shed more than three years after he disappeared, a study said today. Christopher Nicholls, of Bristol, when he was 41 … Read more on

Riding the new wave of Chinese solo travelers

Riding the new wave of Chinese solo travelers The shift to solo journey has also been noticed by international online hotel reservation company Hotels.com “The profile of the typical Chinese travelers have changed significantly in the past decade because of the robust economy and sagging … Read more on

U.S. cuts travel must not be worried warnings So be ready, but not yet worried, as the effects of what Americans call “isolation” public spending in the current debt crisis is not what the U.S. will begin to gradually suffocate the services of air traffic control and airport delays cause other … Read more on

Carry On: New Business for travelers

Carry On: New Business for travelers The new Qantas Debit Card will be sent to all members of the Frequent Flyer, including travelers with Bronze status. Former Qantas smartchipped card applies only to Silver, Gold and Platinum members, giving them access to faster checkins. “Existing … Read more on

Do not confuse travelers … Montreal and New York means landing in Evanston, Illinois, Dorval, Que. OR Queens, NY It is the current locations of airports. hold signs and pictures of local mayors at the airport, but please do not confuse travelers more than … Read more on

IRCTC to offer online advance reservations for travelers ‘Executive Lounge in New Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) will soon begin online reservations in advance the recently launched, Executive Lounge prize of India ‘in New Delhi Railway Station. Travelers who want to utilize the services will Lounge … Read more on

Beta man: a tale of two travelers

Beta man: a tale of two travelers ‘Bent double, elderly man, panting, swearing, scrabbles the box with John Smith … It’s me. “We are all filled up nice and warm too late 20.30 from London Kings Cross to Hull, calling at Grantham, Retford, Doncaster, the next station stop … Read more on The Times (subscription)

NCCA fresh design travelers insurance In order to reduce the difficulties faced by families of victims of the plane crash, and allow them to earn more than the statutory $ 100, 000 compensation, Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) designing a new system security for potential travelers. Read more on

Companies Train shame the half failed by angry travelers Worst performance service First Capital Connect, which runs between Bedford and Brighton, had only 40 percent of the travelers who were dissatisfied. Virgin Trains came top for the second consecutive year with 67 percent of customers happy. the research .. . Read more on Carnival Triumph can affect the cruise industry travelers will stay away from cruises? 23:58 PM, 14 Φλεβάρη, 2013 | Comments Tweet ·? Share. Facebook Twitter · · · Google Buzz Digg Del.icio.us Reddit · ·? Newsvine? Buzz up! Fark · e-mail. Printing; – AAA + … Read more on